Interview with the ACS Aviation Managing Director Graeme Frater

The ACS Aviation Managing Director talks about running Scotland’s largest General Aviation business at Perth Airport including explaining his area of accountability to the Civil Aviation Authority and answering questions such as which services ACS Aviation provide at Perth Airport, How many suppliers? Challenges to the business? Proudest moment which includes the business growth and […]

Aircraft Maintenance Reserves as part of a Lease Contract

In order to protect the position of the Lessor in respect of the Aircraft, Engine or Propeller to comply with all maintenance requirements it is normal to create a funding pool which is known as the Maintenance Reserve. What are aircraft maintenance reserves? Maintenance reserves¬†are calculated to cover use of aircraft for some of the […]

Pre-Buy Inspections – Better Safe than Sorry!

Nearly every aircraft purchase includes what is called a pre-purchase inspection in order to check the aircraft for damage that might not be easy to spot for the untrained eye, including corrosion and other hidden damage. A thorough pre-buy inspection can help reduce problems in the future. When major inspections are due or the aircraft […]